Performance Audit Division (PAD)


We work to achieve more efficient and effective state government.

The Performance Audit Division conducts evaluations of state funded programs and activities. The results of our performance audits and other reviews are recommendations directed at improvements in state operations.  

We get answers to important questions.

We evaluate the operations of state-funded entities to answer these types of questions: 

  • Is this program accomplishing its goals and objectives? (Are there other ways to achieve this goal?) (Is this goal still relevant?) (How do other states achieve this goal or fulfill this need?)
  • How well does the program do what it is intended to do? (How many are served?) (What does it cost per unit?) (How does Georgia compare to other states in this regard?)
  • Is this program complying with all applicable laws and regulations? (Does the program meet all federal grant requirements?) (Is the program fulfilling its obligations as mandated by state law?)

We select topics from a variety of sources.

The programs and activities to be audited are selected by the State Auditor and reviews may be requested by individual legislators, the Governor, or agency management. Our reports cover a wide array of programs and activities encompassing any program or activity that receives state funding. 

We start with an empty page.

No checklists here. Each audit or review is planned specifically to reflect the activity we're evaluating. If we're working at the request of the Governor or the General Assembly, we do our best to answer the specific questions asked. Programs are not audited on a recurring basis; however, over time, some will be audited more than once. 

We share our findings.

When complete, reports are submitted to the General Assembly, the Governor, governing boards, and agency management. All reports are public documents and are made available to the press and other interested parties upon request. As of January 1, 2009 the last five years of our reports are available on our reports page or at opengeorgia.gov. You can also request printed copies by calling our office at 404-657-5220. 

We are management analysts, not financial auditors.

Our staff consists of approximately 30 employees, the majority of whom have advanced degrees in either Public Administration or Business Administration. However, many hold professional certifications in government auditing, internal auditing, fraud examination, or accounting.





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