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Department of Audits and Accounts
270 Washington Street, S.W., Room 1-156
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-8400
(404) 656-2180

For Media, Legislative, or Open Records Requests:
Carol Schwinne (404) 463-2670
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Audit and Assurance Services

Financial Audits

Kristina Turner, CPA, CISA, MMIS
Deputy State Auditor
(404) 657-4352


State Agency Audits

Statewide Financial/Compliance Auditing (Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and Single Audit Report)

Jessica Parent, CPA, CISA, MS
(404) 463-0173


Education Audits

Statewide Financial/Compliance Auditing (Colleges, Universities and Technical Colleges)
Audits of Local Education Agencies (School Systems) 

Jennifer Thomas
Deputy Director - Units of the University System of Georgia (State Colleges and Universities)
(770) 459-6578

Kenneth Knight, CPA
Deputy Director - Technical College System of Georgia (Technical Colleges)
(229) 759-3005

Reggie Beasley
Deputy Director - Public School Systems
(912) 486-7275

Tracy Branch
Deputy Director - Public School Systems
(706) 651-7416

Sara Rohrbach, CPA
Deputy Director - Public School Systems
(912) 389-4086


Non Profit and Local Government

Reviews of Local Government Audit Reports
Reviews of Nonprofit Organization Financial Statements

Jackie Neubert, CPA, CGFM
Manager II
(404) 651-8938

(404) 656-9145

Professional Standards and Practices

Tommy Harp, CPA, CGFM
(404) 657-7023

Performance Audit

Performance Audits and Special Examinations that review the efficiency and effectiveness of state programs

Leslie McGuire, CIA
(404) 651-8927
David Arner, CIA, CPA
Deputy Director
(404) 651-8928
Lisa Kieffer
Deputy Director
(404) 651-8867
Matt Taylor (fiscal notes)
Deputy Director
(404) 651-8873

Technology Risk & Assurance

Statewide Financial/Compliance Auditing
Information Systems Audits


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Equalized Property Tax Digest

Sales Ratio

Lee Thomas
(404) 656-0494



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Internal Operations


Carol Schwinne
(404) 463-2670

Information Technology

Steve Geddes
(404) 657-9978


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