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Award of Distinction for Excellent Financial Reporting

The Best Practice Criteria has been established to recognize better practices for financial reporting and controls. This Award of Distinction encourages Local Boards of Educations to go beyond the minimum requirements of generally accepted accounting principles and recognize individual organizations that are successful in achieving that goal.

Download Award Criteria  (updated 10/29/2013)

Recipients of Award of Distinction for Excellent Financial Reporting 

Submission Deadlines:

    For Compliance with the Transparency in Government Act:

    For Compliance with the Immigration Reform Act:

      December 31 - Affidavit for Public Employers
    For Award of Distinction for Excellent Financial Reporting:

      November 15 - Financial Statements and related audit evidence to Auditors (see Certificate Criteria above for details)  

Transparency in Government Act (TIGA):

DOAA File Collection:

Audit Resources:

Auditor Request List   (updated 11/11/2020)

The Request List identifies items to be prepared for the auditors of each School District.

Audit Packet  (zip) (updated 12/10/2019)

This audit packet includes worksheets, confirmations and other tools to assist in the preparation of the financial statements. For example, NICA calculation, worksheet to assist in recording bond issues, etc.

Individual Files:  Capital Assets  |  Capital Projects  |  Cash and Investments  |  Fund Balance  |  Long Term Liabilities  |  Net Investment in Capital Assets  |  Operating Leases

Financial Statement Preparation Training

Financial Statement Preparation Guides (updated 8/1/2018)

The Financial Statement Preparation Guides are designed to assist Georgia School Districts in creating GAAP compliant financial statements.  The checklists cover both the Fund Level Financial Statements and the District-Wide Statements.

Financial Statement Templates (updated 8/2/2021)

The Financial Statement Templates can be used in conjunction with information provided by the Georgia Department of Education to appropriately present financial information.

Notes to the Financial Statements

            FY2020 Notes now available

Standard Notes to the Financial Statements (updated 9/14/2020 - Updated to remove COVID sub event note.)

Automated Notes to the Financial Statements (updated 10/6/2020)

SEAD - OPEB Additional Note Disclosures  (updated 9/14/2020)

Financial Statement Checklists

After the financial statements have been prepared, the checklists can be used to assure the correctness and accuracy in the presentation of the financial statements.

Risk Assessment

A template that can be used by the School Districts to document their internal control structure.


2021 Tax Confirmation (updated 9/14/2021)

The Tax Confirmation letter used by the School Districts to accrue property taxes at year end.

MD&A Template (updated 10/4/2016)

Management's Discussion and Analysis template (2015 example)

State Compliance Procedures (updated 8/16/2016)

A list of State Compliance  procedures performed by the Department of Audits and Accounts for Georgia School Districts.

Financial Reporting Instructions

Instructions for School Districts required to submit financial reports due to financial irregularities.

Statement of Actual Financial Operations Form (updated 3/12/2015)

Spreadsheet used as part of the financial reporting requirements for financial irregularities.

Federal Audit Clearinghouse FAQ  User Manual (IDES)

OMB designated the Census Bureau as the National Clearinghouse (or Federal Audit Clearinghouse - FAC) for the receipt of Single Audit Reports from state and local governments (later to include nonprofit organizations). In this capacity, the Census Bureau serves as the central collection point and repository for audit reports prepared and submitted under provisions of the Single Audit Act of 1984 (amended in 1996) and OMB Circular A-133.  All data are provided to the public through a data dissemination/query system at the Federal Audit Clearinghouse website.

Technical Assistance:

Why Do We Need Strong Internal Controls? Handout

Reference guide for common internal controls in place at School Districts.

Segregation of Duties Matrix

Reference guide for identifying conflicting procedures/functions by process.


The Department of Audits and Accounts presents updates on current audit issues, standards, and legislation two times during each fiscal year.  The latest powerpoint presentations are linked below.