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Look here to find guidance if you are being audited, or if you need more information about our audit processes.

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State Government Resources

State Government Resources

Audit-related information for all organizations of the State of Georgia

  • Accounting Procedures Manual
  • Audit Finding Corrective Action Plans
  • College/University Audit Resources
  • Performance Audit Resources
Local Government  Resources

Local Government Resources

Audit-related information for local government entities within the State of Georgia

  • School District Audit Resources
  • County, Municipality and Regional Commission Resources
  • RESA (Regional Education Service Agency) Resources
Other Resources

Other Resources

  • Illegal Immigration Reform and Enforcement Act
  • Transparency in Government Reporting Act (TIGA)
  • Expenditures of Federal Awards (SEFA)
  • Technical Reference Links
  • Federal Audit Links
  • Non Profit Links
  • Architectural and Engineering Filing Report
  • Award of Distinction for Excellent Financial Reporting Recipients
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