Internal Operations

The Department's internal operations include, Department administration, information technology, and internal quality assurance reviews of completed audits.

The Department's Administrative Division manages the Department's internal financial and human resources related functions and prepares and updates the Department's general policies and procedures. Specifically, the Division prepares the annual operating budget and provides all accounting services, including payroll, purchasing, and contract administration. The Administrative Division is also responsible for certain human resources activities such as benefits administration, new employee orientation, maintenance of personnel records, and legal issues. Finally, the Administrative Division is responsible for office management, which includes fleet and records management, printing, mail distribution, and supply management.

The Information Technology Division is responsible for the Department's computer network as well as the hardware and software used by the Department. The Division provides technical assistance to Department personnel, develops software applications that can be used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our audit activities and internal operations, and ensures that the Department network is maintained and secure. Additionally, the Information Technology Division is responsible for providing the public with access to the information required by the Transparency in Government Act.

The Professional Standards and Practices Division (PSPD) promotes adherence to professional standards and best practices as well as assisting in the implementation of the Strategic Plan.  The PSPD supports the divisions within the Department of Audits and Accounts (DOAA) by developing and implementing department-wide policies, processes and methodologies among our financial and federal audit operations, writing position papers, and developing and providing training to both DOAA personnel and clients.